Today’s smart consumers expect cosmetics and personal care products to be as safe and as natural as possible, and to perform as expected. To achieve this, the ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products must be stable, pure, safe, and effective. Robust laboratory instruments and protocols are essential to provide precise, reproducible, and traceable results and to ensure ingredients meet required regulatory guidelines and final product specifications. On top, they have to provide the benefits expected by the consumer.

In addition to ensuring ingredients are of the highest quality and meet regulatory requirements, scientists are under pressure to increase productivity and accelerate workflows in this competitive market, driven by innovation. Given this environment, processes able to meet all internal and external requirements must be designed prudently from beginning to end.

At Sartorius, our goal is to simplify the laboratory workflow with easy-to-handle and quick-to-clean solutions that deliver the highest durability and resilience. With flexible, modular and versatile products, we help our customers adapt to new trends, technologies or regulations in the pursuit of innovation. Whether in research, process development or quality control, our solutions can help you achieve product stability, safety and efficacy every step of the way.

An Innovative Solution for Water

Pure and ultrapure water are essential reagents in the laboratory for a wide range of applications including sample preparation for impurity testing and for HPLC, GC-MS, ICP-MS.

In many laboratories, space is at a premium, however in many cases centralized laboratory water systems take up too much valuable lab bench space, or simply can’t be located near the users.

We designed the Arium® Smart Station to solve this problem. The Arium® system adapts to your needs and lab space; you don’t have to adapt to it.

In addition to being economical in terms of its footprint, the system offers remarkable flexibility for dispensing water. Users have full control over quality parameters at the point-of-use and the ability to fill different sized containers and connect more than one Smart Station. They can dispense water in the exact quality and quantities required for experiments, when and where it is needed.

Here is how the new Arium® Smart Station can simplify your daily use of lab water:

1. Full Functionality Touch Screen

• Easily navigate the control unit using the 4.3 inch touch screen

• Displays all relevant information allowing full control of the system

2. Minimal Space Requirement

• The control unit has a small footprint with flexible positioning

• Options for bench top or wall-mounting

3. High Quality Components for Reduced Risk

• Smart recirculation ensures the highest ultrapure water quality

• Media separated valve prevents cross contamination

4. Unbeatable Ergonomic Design for Complete Flexibility

• Designed by a team with extensive experience in ergonomics

• The dispense arm can be assembled for left- and right-hand operation

• Easy to fix or release the handheld from the Smart Station by magnetic connection

5. Application-Specific Filters to Meet All Your Needs

• Easy to exchange point-of-use filters via a quick connector

• Install up to 3 Smart Stations to the ultrapure water system to serve different applications.

6. Flexibility to Fill Various Vessels

• Stepless, one-hand adjustment of dispenser arm from 8.5 to 55 cm

• Dispenser arm rotates up to 360°

• Enables filling of sample tubes and bottles from 1.5 ml up to 5 L

• Easy volume dispensing including soft start | stop function and drop-by-drop

Dispense Wherever You Need

The Arium® Smart Station fits easily in to your lab space and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

• Combine your Smart Station with the water system type you need to dispense pure or ultrapure water

• The Smart Station ultrapure supports multiple points-of-use to save costs and minimize use of valuable lab space

• Connect up to 3 Smart Stations to your ultrapure water system at a distance of up to 4 metres

• Take advantage of performing volume dispense straight from the Bagtank

• Provide water for different applications from a central location or use the additional dispense points where needed

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