SulNOx Fuel Fusions plc has signed a two year research contract to support a Post Doctoral Researcher within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB) at Cambridge University.

The work will look at fuel emulsification technologies and aims to help users of all types of hydrocarbon fuels, fossil and synthetic, reduce pollution significantly from exhaust emissions, particularly in the marine industry.

The work is seen as of importance environmentally, as one super-tanker can generate the equivalent pollution of 7 million vehicles.

While the practical results of SulNOx’s technologies in the field are well documented, the fundamental scientific data to explain how the technology works is not fully understood. The company is looking to CEB to provide that detailed scientific knowledge.

Those involved will study closely the factors that provide such improved efficiency and reduced emissions, resulting from the successful and stable emulsification of water with hydrocarbon fuels. By fully understanding the science, further improvements may be possible.

The company has already deployed its technology in various parts of the world and has provided many practical demonstrations of its remarkable results.

One such demonstration was conducted for past and present Mayors of London, under the auspices of the London Bus Museum and the London Mayors Association, attended by Professor Chris Lowe and Dr Graham Dransfield.