Developed to meet growing demand for accurate, up-to date regulatory data on chemicals globally, Yordas Hive works with your data to bring you exactly the information that you need to stay compliant, and helps save valuable time.

The wealth of accurate regulatory information, actively maintained by the experts at Yordas Group, works seamlessly with your own information to provide a powerful compliance solution.

The software offers a range of packages to meet all business requirements, whether you are looking for a smart software reference tool or compliance management solution, Yordas Hive can work for you and your business.

Managing compliance efficiently with Yordas Hive

Leading UK retailer, WHSmith utilised Yordas Hive to manage the complex process of regulating the chemicals in their products. With a large product portfolio and prominent market presence, it is important that our client understands the requirements and implications of the ever changing legal compliance landscape.

A crucial aspect of maintaining and achieving compliance is current knowledge of changes to legislation. Yordas Hive provided WHS with the ability to upload product information directly into the software, allowing them to fully integrate their chemical composition and formulation data with the regulatory information held within the comprehensive database. The structured and live solution enables them to see a full list of substances within their products, providing a complete chemicals management system.

Automated regulatory status checks save time

WHS created tailored email alerts for each user in their team, giving them the ability to monitor the status of their products and formulations, as well as being notified when changes are made to regulations globally, enabling them to take immediate action, whether it be substitution, reformulation or relabelling.

The software’s ability to manage complex products provides a particularly useful feature for WHS, who often deal with various types of multi-packs containing the same ingredients. Yordas Hive Prime Edition allows the customer to immediately assign the impact of a regulatory change to all relevant products on the shelf.

Martin Annis, WHS, discusses the benefits of  Yordas Hive: “Yordas Hive gives us the confidence that in an ever changing legal chemical landscape we are kept informed of all the changes which specifically affect our products. This allows us to communicate any required changes to our suppliers quickly rather than spending time looking for changes in legislation and manually checking product specific BOM/BOS and SDS’s.”

Yordas Hive helps identify substance relevance for leading home improvement company

Yordas Group, creators of Yordas Hive, assisted Kingfisher plc in developing a chemical strategy allowing them to anticipate future regulatory action and meet sustainability commitments in complex, international supply chains.

To meet this sustainable growth plan goal, Kingfisher authored a Chemicals Action List (CAL) within which a list of chemicals of concern were identified. This has been used to create product specifications where restrictions apply within its Group QA function and are applied to products managed within its Group purchasing teams that source products for its trading brands.

To assist Kingfisher in implementing its chemicals strategy, Yordas Group created a new CAL to ensure the list of chemicals was complete and up-to-date. In order to develop the knowledge base relating to Kingfisher’s chemicals of concern, each substance in the CAL was then mapped against the following parameters:

Level of regulation (e.g. if the substance use is either prohibited/restricted, declarable, or proposed)

Scope of regulatory requirement (e.g. if the substance is regulated in substances / mixtures, articles or both)

Regulated product type (e.g. toys, textiles, all consumer articles)

Relevance for Kingfisher products identified via Yordas Hive’s substance use and application information, based on the likelihood of a substance being found in their product inventories

For ease of use and transparency, the CAL was organised into a Black List of prohibited and restricted substances, a Grey List of declarable and controlled substances and Watch List of substances either proposed for regulation or with a suspected or known hazard concern. A new Chemicals of Concern (COC) list was created from the Watch List by screening each substance entry against a set of priority criteria agreed with Kingfisher, using the information in Yordas Hive’s Substance Database.

This early warning system allows Kingfisher to develop a regulatory roadmap and anticipate future regulatory action with a view to safeguarding their future business, as well as meet its strong commitment to protect human health and the environment beyond the legal requirements of regulatory compliance.

Yordas Hive offers a unique package of in-depth expertise, high quality current data and intuitive software features. It supports customers to comply with chemical regulations and anticipate future business risks.


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