RPC Promens is introducing its proven Varibox IBC into the UK and Ireland, offering the ideal solution for the safe and cost-effective handling of hazardous chemicals.

Roto moulded in polyethylene, the robust construction of the Varibox features an inner container enclosed within a strong outer cover, and incorporates a special discharge valve for easy dispensing of product with no need to remove a cap. To meet the specific needs of the UK and Irish markets, the standard 2-way secured entry pallet has been augmented with the availability of a 4-way secured entry version, allowing even greater flexibility in the movement of the container by a forklift or pallet jack without compromising on safety.

Equally important, the internal container can be reused for up to five years, providing a cost-effective means of transporting and storing chemicals while delivering an improved carbon footprint.

The strength and sturdiness of the Varibox ensures maximum protection so that product quality is maintained throughout the logistics chain. Integrated vents automatically open for safe dispensing and a pressure release system is available for products that cause a product build-up. Dip tubes with leak-free quick connectors are a further option for discharge from the top of the container.

The Varibox is available in a choice of colours and can incorporate company logos for effective branding. The easy-to-clean design prevents product contamination and large recessed label areas provide plenty of room for all required product information. A built-in RFID tag enables the Varibox to be tracked at every stage of its journey.