Modularity = Versatility Reliability Safety Serviceability & Availability

Introducing the new CSA and CSI Pump Ranges from HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps

Representing a leap in design and technology, the CSA and CSI Frame 1 groups of sealless pumps take a modular approach to combining performance with durability and versatility while ensuring industry and regulatory safety compliance to ASME, ISO and IECEx standards.  

Specifically designed for maximum part interchangeability, to reduce inventory, ease of onsite servicing and upgrade, the CSA and CSI ranges have been developed to maximise uptime while delivering cost savings through improved efficiencies, plus to be available on short lead times.

Sealless pumps are playing an ever-greater role in meeting the challenge of transferring high volumes of hazardous chemicals and other liquids in maximum safety. Indeed, in some cases more stringent regulations and local regulatory agencies are mandating their use. The new HMD Kontro CSA and CSI ranges offer total containment, eliminating potentially dangerous leaks, essential for handling hazardous, toxic or hot substances, and preventing the loss of high value product.

The new pump design allows for easy on site replacement, servicing and maintenance without the need for hot working or specialist tools, minimising production downtime and disruption. The ease of interchangeability helps cut lead times and results in much more efficient management of the spare parts inventory.

The containment shell can be provided either in metal or as HMD Kontro’s unique ZeroLoss® format, which increases resistance against system upsets and saves energy.  A fully contained casing gasket further improves safety by eliminating the risk of blowouts, dangerous and potentially costly where unexpected breakdowns occur.

The new range conforms fully to the latest IECEx standard and assures compliance with ASME B73.3 and ISO2858/15783 for the CSA and CSI respectively.  The new pumps are available now from selected reseller Channel Partners across the US and Europe, the modular nature enabling them to provision pumps to specific customer requirements and deliver them rapidly. 

For more information on the new range, where you can purchase and detailed product specifications, please visit or contact HMD Kontro on +44 1323 452000.