PTSC (Process Technology Strategic Consultancy Ltd) has completed performance testing of its PI QFlux™ batch reactor system vs an equivalent industry standard batch reactor and confirmed it achieved more than four times the heat transfer performance to that of a standard batch reactor, whilst utilizing 50% less primary energy in the process.

These tests were carried out jointly with KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS CO. LTD. Japan who constructed a purpose-built test facility, in order to host the back-to-back trials.

PI QFlux™ Reactor System

The PI QFlux™ reactor system is designed to be fully integrated into existing plant infrastructure, with the chemistry and SoP’s performed in the same way. It also provides the same level of in-process flexibility in terms of multi-phase material mixing, evaporation, and crystallization just faster, more economically and accurately.  

A patented and core technology differentiator of the PI QFlux™ is the heated baffle, which provides ideal mixing whilst operating as an in-situ heat exchanger. This technology allows rapid heat flux changes due to its large surface area and high thermal conductivity.

PI QFlux™ Test Centre

PTSC in collaboration with KOBELCO ECO-SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD Japan constructed a bespoke test facility where a typical glass lined reactor and a PI QFlux™ Reactor were connected to the same thermal control unit  (TCU) with both being serviced by the same steam generator, cooler and chiller.

750,000 data points were taken measuring services flow rates, individual zonal temperatures, pressures, motor powers and product side multi-point temperatures.

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