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LAUDA, the world market leader in temperature control equipment and systems, is expanding its portfolio with the new LAUDA Versafreeze product line. These high-quality, high-reliability ultra-freezers have been optimised for the extreme requirements of deep-freeze storage, thereby meeting the requirements of vaccine producers, pharmaceutical service providers, vaccination centres and universities for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive coronavirus vaccines and valuable medicines, chemical substances, or biological samples.

Our customers are already utilising the existing and new Versafreeze range for a diverse set of applications from biotechnology to pharmaceutical, chemical testing, automotive, and aerospace component testing,  and many more.

With a temperature range from 0 to -85 °C, LAUDA Versafreeze ultra-freezers provide state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, excellent efficiency characteristics, flexible compartment storage layout, and the greatest possible protection, thanks to password-protected access rights and secure monitoring via the LAUDA Cloud.

Additional and important accessories include a battery backup capability in the event of mains power failure, which can be connected to the customers own CO2 or LN2 cooling system to prevent spoilage to crucial samples, avoiding wasted costs and precious lost time.