Wastewater treatment requires careful control and management. Industrial treatment processes can produce acidic waste streams, which must be neutralised before discharge to meet pH, metal and other consent parameters. It is also key to ensure the highest level of site safety whilst conducting this process. OMEX supply an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective, solution for wastewater treatment – Magmex.

What is Magmex

Magmex is a range of liquid Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions for treating acidic wastewater and controlling pH levels within both anaerobic and aerobic systems. Magmex is a safe, easy to regulate, alternative to the more traditional hazardous products such as caustic soda or lime, and boasts a number of benefits:

  • Non-hazardous
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe/User friendly
  • Lower sludge volumes produced
  • Higher neutralisation value for more efficient neutralisation and providing alkalinity
  • Cost effective as an influent as well as a downstream
  • Does not corrode like caustic and doesn’t cause scaling issues seen with the use of lime

Why Choose Magmex

Traditionally, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and calcium hydroxide (lime) have been used to neutralise acidic solutions. However, these compounds are reactive and can cause high pH levels if not controlled correctly. The Magmex range is the environmentally friendly answer to the neutralisation of acidic wastewater. It is safe, ready to use and overcomes the majority of problems associated with the traditional acid neutralisers such as caustic soda or lime.

The Magmex Range

The Magmex Range includes three key products to help tackle and resolve issues, enabling optimum performance of the wastewater treatment plant:

  • Magmex 1060 – A unique formulation specifically designed for use in situations where higher pH levels are needed to enhance precipitation
  • Magmex 740 – A standard formulation for use where a safe, efficient alkali is required for pH corrections and where minimal sludge volumes are needed
  • Magmex 706 – A stable formulation for use in smaller scale applications where longer-term storage is required without the need for agitation