Recalls can be a serious risk to business reputation, but there are cost-effective ways of dealing with them. By using ERP systems, warehouses, storage facilities and suppliers can be notified of product recalls in an instant.

Long story short, recalls have happened to plenty of companies before you, and they’re sure to happen again… Are you ready if one happens at your business?

This free software webinar hosted by Signum Solutions will cover:

  • Why businesses are vulnerable to a recall
  • The 7-step process for creating a robust system for handling recalls
  • Why managing your business with ERP is key and will help eliminate the chances of a recall

Who Should Attend:

Open to directors, owners, operations, or IT managers of UK chemical SMEs looking to expand their business digitally through technology.

When is it?

  • Thursday 15th November
  • 10:00AM (GMT)
  • Online
  • and free!

The days of ignoring recalls are over and operating a business in a vacuum is unwise. As consumers demand more accountability, firms will be expected to produce more transparency. That’s why all companies should take steps now to stay “recall ready” – regardless of their size or industry.

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