Mondays are usually spent in the office with my team, and this morning we’re discussing our current sales and marketing activity, and I’m also reviewing our overall marketing strategy to ensure we’re meeting the various milestones we set ourselves earlier in the year.

There’s a monthly management meeting in the afternoon, followed by a meeting with our marketing team to discuss activity over the next month and a couple of larger projects that are planned for Q1 2020.


Tuesday involves a 5.30 start in Surrey ahead of meetings with some of the trade associations we work with (some for more than 20 years) to discuss how we can maximise the value we deliver to them and their members and outline our strategy for 2020.

I’m meeting a potential client for the first time in the afternoon on the way up to my home for the night in Cheshire, ahead of another meeting first thing the following day.  These meetings are always incredibly interesting, as you never know just what you’re going to find when you start scratching the surface.  


Wednesday morning is an early(ish) start with another new potential client who wants us to give them a comprehensive review of their insurance and risk management strategy ahead of their renewal in 2020.  The owner feels that the improvements and investment the business has made in recent years is not reflected in their insurance premiums, and is also interested in some of the best practice that OAMPS can share as a result of helping many of his peers improve their risk profile.

I’ll drop in on an existing client on the way back to Surrey to catch up on the site changes they’re implementing. 


Thursday’s plans involve a train to London for a meeting in the morning with some of our London Market broking team, to discuss some of the potential clients we’re talking with and agreeing strategies to enable us to deliver the cover enhancements and premium targets we agreed with those businesses. 

Lunch with underwriters to discuss an upcoming renewal is followed by a meeting with a team of Cyber Insurance specialists to progress some marketing activity for 2020.   


Friday starts with an internal meeting analysing our relationships with two of our major clients.  These meetings are attended by a selection of the service team members, and cover all aspects of the respective businesses, our relationships with them and have been designed to identify how we can add any extra value to them – whether this is something as simple as helping them with their risk profile, new lines of protection or other commercial angles, we rarely leave anything out, and clients are sometimes surprised at what we know about them!

In the afternoon I have a client meeting with a business that is going through some significant changes, and we’re going to discuss the most cost-effective ways of ensuring these changes don’t expose the balance sheet.