It may be stating the obvious that if the storage and handling steps in chemical manufacture processes do not function efficiently, then the process will be directly impacted upon.

But, however obvious this critical relationship between handling and processes might seem, it still one that causes considerable frustration and production losses in many plants.  In the majority of cases, it is a lack of understanding of the bulk characteristics of the material being stored or handled that is the root cause of subsequent problems. 

By attending the short course Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Materials on 24 – 26 September you will learn how to identify and solve some of the problems causing this inefficiency.

During 2 days of discussion and presentation you will learn:

  • Basics of hopper and silo design and function in relation to the material being handled;
  • Characterisation techniques available;
  • The different types of discharge aids and interfacing to feeders available;
  • The use of silo inserts;
  • Caking and Segregation issues;

A third day in the on-site labs will provide practical demonstrations of some of the characterisation techniques discussed.

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or contact us 020 8331 8646