Working with partners GPE Scientific and major instrument manufacturer Julabo, the new Deft Reactor system brings device integration, digital control and reporting features of Deft to lab reactors. Common lab instruments such as overhead stirrers, Julabo PRESTO thermo-circulator, pH meters are integrated with jacketed and unjacketed reactors such as Chemglass, to develop a highly configurable reactor that can be used either standalone or alongside and existing Deft system. Deft Reactor uses SiLA 2 and MODBUS for control.

The connected lab instruments via the Deft Reactor, can be fully controlled via the user-friendly, intuitive, dedicated App. Data can be input manually or automatically from a connected LIMS or ERP system putting you in charge of your experimental design and workflow. You can operate and view the progress of your experiment remotely in real-time via the App. Over-the-Air updates ensure your system is always state of the art and easily adaptable to the latest techniques.

“For the majority of our process chemistry customers reproducibility of a chemical process is so important”, says Simon Rainbow, Sales Director from GPE Scientific Limited.

“When it is this important, we will always recommend automation of the laboratory equipment.  The flexibility of the Applied Scientific Technology DEFT platform, allows us to automate the Chemglass reactors we supply.  But it is also the flexibility of being able to automate all peripheral equipment to the reactor processes that is so beneficial”.

“In the area of research and development accurate temperature control is crucial”, says Vimal Parekh, Territory Sales Manager of Julabo. “This is something which JULABO has a great deal of expertise in. As a package, the chemical reactors provided by GPE Scientific and with the automation and data logging capabilities provided by Applied Scientific Technology a complete solution can be provided to the end user, especially if they have any intentions of scaling up their desired process.”

Applied Scientific Technologies (AST) is an emerging spin-out company founded in 2017 based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Founded by two directors from Applied Integration UK Ltd, a company celebrating its 15th working anniversary. AST are innovative specialists in robotics, automated control systems and hardware integration in the laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical, physical and life science arenas supporting your laboratory digitalisation journey.

GPE Scientific are the exclusive supplier of the Chemglass range of benchtop, jacketed and unjacketed reactor systems, available from 300ml to 100l with unrivalled quality. As a leading laboratory equipment supplier GPE can supply you with everything you need including products from IKA, Julabo Temperature control and of course the DEFT automation system.

JULABO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of temperature control instruments for research, industry and science. For over five decades our premium products have always provided our customers with the exact temperature at the desired time. JULABO systems are currently installed throughout the world in the majority of globally recognised companies. This includes within every major pharmaceutical company, most Universities and public research institutes.