Driven by the diverse expertise of its members and consultants, BASA remains one of the most active technical adhesives and sealants associations across Europe.

BASA collates relevant information and advice on the importance of regulations and standards for the adhesives and sealants industry in the UK and Ireland, and this is underpinned by an extremely active technical programme. BASA membership therefore continues to provide high value and contributes to business performance. It’s little wonder therefore that membership is currently enjoyed by more than 100 UK and Irish companies.

BASA is also structured in such a way as to deliver maximum payback to its membership. It maintains five active working groups, all focused on keeping members updated about regulatory issues, and providing comment, evidence and information to governments and standards organisations. Moreover, every year more than 600 staff and guests from member companies participate in BASA activities and more than half the membership is involved with our working parties.

Keeping abreast of regulatory issues

Anyone operating in our industry will be only too aware of how the pace of regulatory change is now moving so rapidly, even more so after the decision to exit the EU. As exiting regulations become ever more demanding, government is also beginning to regulate in new areas that can have a wide impact. The upside is that BASA now serves as the accepted voice of the industry in the UK and Ireland. We retain strong links with government, industry, standards organisations such as BSI, CEN, ISO, as well as other associations across the UK and Europe. We are also one of the leading national adhesive associations in Europe, contributing and putting the industry view to the European Commission, Council and Parliament via our affiliate FEICA. Effectively, BASA gives our members a powerful voice when engaging with the decision makers.

Networking opportunities each year include:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Industry Lunch, with topical Industry Speakers after the AGM
  • Free Open Industry Forums for Members
  • Training days throughout the year
  • At least 12 working group meetings during the year
  • Sports day in June
  • Other popular business/social networking days
  • Annual Dinner dance in November each year.

BASA Website & Bulletin – a vast repository of information, including

  • Minutes and reports from BASA working groups, updates about industry standards, guides about new regulations, industry statements about topical issues of concern and news of BASA events and activities.
  • Free access to our European affiliate association FEICA with news about regulatory affairs from Brussels and across Europe, and a vast directory of external websites.
  • Hard-copy BASA Bulletin, a magazine published for the open industry forums, summarising the current work of the association and updating members on relevant legislation, and the affairs of the association.
  • Electronic news updates and members stories via our BASA members website.
  • The BASA website is a major portal for our industry – and a unique free advertising opportunity for your company and products.

Business Services – a wide array of business services to meet our members’ diverse requirements, saving them money, including:

  • The BASA Business Support Helpline, managed by Croner Ltd, offers members free information on a range of legal and employment matters
  • Access to two web-based Regulatory Helplines, Croneri Health and Safety Expert and Croneri Hazardous Substances
  • REACHReady discounts
  • 24-7 Responder for those members needing 24- hour emergency telephone cover for their products
  • Privilege discounts or products and services from BASA’s Advantage Members
  • Access to the services of the Construction Products Association, including industry market data
  • Visit the BASA website and access the Directory to find out more about our members