Density, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation and Colour in a Single Automated Flavour and Fragrance Measurement System.

Flavour and fragrance production typically involves extraction processes from natural products. Raw materials are a significant contributor to costs.  

Streamlining sample volumes used in quality control, particularly for precious substances like sandalwood or rose oil, can substantially lower analysis costs.

The superior Flavour & Fragrance Measurement System from Anton Paar, provides the core QC measurements parameters – density, refractive index, optical rotation, and colour. With the possibility to configure the system to your requirements at installation, or to extend it at any time in the future, it allows the measurement system to grow with your demands.

With optional automation units to increase throughput and ensure optimal sampling and cleaning between samples, and data handling software to interface with your ERP/LIMS. The system is a complete QC solution for essential oils and fragrance producers, delivering high return on investment.

Using just 14 mL of sample per cycle, and with sample recovery after measurement, it also economically safeguards your valuable extracts.

Download our application report “Scent Science: Exploring the Art of Fragrance Analysis” and find out how changes in composition can be identified through single measurements. Download here.

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