Water content in lubricants and other petrochemical products is a critical parameter that has to be closely monitored all along the value chain.

In this free webinar on May 6, 2021 in association with Petro Industry News, Michael Margreth, Senior Product Specialist Titration at Metrohm, will explain the straightforward determination of moisture in petroleum samples by coulometric Karl Fischer titration according to the 3 procedures outlined in ASTM Method D6304. A comparison is given which is the most suitable for various types of lubricant and petroleum samples.

Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is the preferred method for water content determination in lubricants and other petrochemical matrices. It is specific for water, highly sensitive (detection limits in the µg/L range) and can be easily automated for high-throughput analysis.

Key learnings of the webinar:

  • Get to know the working principle of coulometric Karl Fischer titration
  • Find the suitable procedure for your sample
  • Understand the advantages of the Karl Fischer oven method as per ASTM D6304
  • Avoid side reactions with the Karl Fischer oven method
  • Learn about automation possibilities

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