Together for Sustainability (TfS), the industry-led initiative for sustainable chemical supply chains, has launched a free capability-building and learning service for member companies and suppliers.

The TfS Academy is open for member companies’ employees and selected supply chain partners to build on their existing knowledge to stay abreast of the latest recommendations and expectations in the area of sustainable procurement.

TfS President Bertrand Conquéret said: “The TfS initiative is based on the belief that procurement is a key enabler in making supply chains and businesses at large more sustainable. Therefore, it is essential that we empower our procurement teams and supply chain partners by equipping them with the right sustainability knowledge and expertise.

“The TfS Academy intends to do just that, opening its doors to buyers and suppliers at all levels to boost their sustainability skills in key areas enabling them to apply their learnings at work and drive Sustainable Leadership.”

The courses include e-learnings, guidelines, webinar recordings, and quick reference guides, and are divided into six areas: health and safety, environment, sustainable procurement, labour and human rights, management, and governance.

The TfS Academy curriculum aims to meet the learning needs of the TfS community, based on analysis of the most pressing issues of interest. Topics covered include water and waste management, managing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity, preventing forced labour, transparency and ethics, and embedding sustainability standards in procurement processes.

These are suitable for all levels of experience (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and roles (from blue-collar to C-Suite), and range in length and breadth, allowing each learner to follow along at their own pace.

The TfS Academy will help suppliers prepare for or follow-up on TfS Audits and Assessments and supporting buyers from TfS member companies in their ongoing dialogue with suppliers to improve sustainability performance.

Learn more about TfS’ commitment to ongoing capability-building, as well as other activities, in the 2021 Activity Report.

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