About the webinar

Bill Atkinson, Chief Scientific Adviser for Adler and Allan, and Simon Tilling, Partner at Burges Salmon, discuss the effects of the new legislation and the actions needed by UK businesses.

Date: 3rd February 2021
Time: 10:30am

The webinar will cover

The UK has taken back control of the management of chemicals and implemented its own version of REACH legislation for the chemical industry. The very first step of that process was to copy over the current EU REACH legislation into UK law while simultaneously introducing a significant amount of amending legislation to make the new UK regime work.

The result is two parallel chemical markets: the EU single market and the UK market. The copy means that the compliance requirements for both markets are equivalent, but not exactly the same. The practical reality for those companies placing chemicals on the UK market is that, despite an overarching objective to maintain the status quo, some action is required now. It is also important for businesses to look a bit further ahead and consider the new challenges on the horizon.

This webinar will benefit

  • Manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors
  • UK-based entities or those based in the EU
  • Organisations buying and importing from Europe
  • Organisation supplying just the UK market, or exporting to the EU

Sign up here: https://landing.adlerandallan.co.uk/webinar/what-we-know-about-reach-uk.html