Complex chemical regulations worldwide are challenging all actors in the supply chain and require well-trained staff for product safety tasks. The importance of not only knowing, but understanding, applying and advancing, knowledge about these regulations is crucial for everyone working in the field.

In order to gain this knowledge, the knoell academy, as part of the knoell group, combines the knowledge of experienced knoell experts with modular training programmes. Especially in the area of hazard assessment and management of chemicals, the knoell academy offers numerous training opportunities to ensure the chemical compliance of your products. Training courses are not only suitable for beginners but also for more advanced professionals, managers, and teams. Through various training courses at different levels, our experts will share practical knowledge from their daily work.

Do you need to author safety data sheets (SDS) or extended SDS for your products and do you want to know what is hidden behind them?

Then the training courses Gaining Expertise in the Creation of Safety Data Sheets – where the requirements of the REACH regulations and the ECHA guidelines for SDS creation (general knowledge), as well as the former but still relevant disclosure of hazardous substances (BekGS) 220 (technical knowledge) are covered –

or the more advanced training course Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) – Basics for Creation of Exposure Scenarios and Communication in the Supply Chain – where the legal background and significance of exposure scenarios alongside a detailed overview of such and their application and dissemination in the supply chain will be explained – are suitable to expand your expertise.

Do you need to classify your substances or mixtures according to the relevant legal basis in international dangerous good transport regulations?

Then join the training course Basics of Transport Classification with Focus on ADR to get an overview on the classification of dangerous goods based on the current legal situation with the focus on road transport and to assess the transport-related parts of SDS.

For a more advanced audience the seminar Transport Classification Advanced – with Focus on ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG and IATA for the International Multimodal Transport of Dangerous Goods gives insights into characteristic features of the different transport regulations and helps the participants to carry out more complex classification examples by themselves successfully, based on case studies.

Do you want to deepen or refresh your knowledge about SDS according to the REACH regulation?

The web-seminar The REACH Safety Data Sheet: An Advanced Training for SDS Authors is an advanced workshop, where the content is aligned to the requirements of the REACH regulation and the ECHA Guidance on the Compilation of Safety Data Sheets as well as the former but still relevant Announcements on Hazardous Substances (BekGS) 220 (qualification of persons compiling safety data sheets).

Or are you a downstream user or distributor of chemicals and articles and want to learn more about the different obligations under REACH?

Then the course REACH for Downstream Users, Distributors and Importers of Articles is of interest to you. In this course, the roles of the downstream users under REACH and the resulting duties are shown and the necessary communication within the supply chain to comply with these obligations is discussed. In addition, the training participants actively engage in practical exercises with everyday questions regarding obligations under REACH.

The knoell academy offers various training courses for different topics and levels to match your specific needs. If the desired topic is offered by us in a different way than you would prefer, the academy also develops in-house training courses in addition to its (web-)seminars. The courses enable you to network with other participants and to discuss current topics with knoell experts – a comprehensive experience that the knoell academy is proud to provide.

Ready to expand your knowledge? Visit for more information. Our academy professionals can support you with your request: Should there be any questions, you can contact the academy via e-mail: or you can call +49 621 718858 080.