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13 – 17 July 2020; Skype delivery

Fees £675 per person, discounts offered for multiple registrations from one company.

A guide through the critical aspects of powder handling and management in powder-based AM processing to enable attendees to identify potential problematic issues and learn how to avoid or overcome them.

Subjects covered include:

  • Recycling and quality issues when dealing with powders in the AM process;
  • Potential for contamination and oxidation;
  • Standards for AM powders
  • Key Health and Safety considerations;
  • Introduction to handling processes; understand the principles for reliable flow, powder properties and pneumatic conveying operation issues.
  • Quality considerations, such as sampling, electrostatics, powder evolution and quality loss.


Course leader, Mike Bradley, is Professor of Bulk and Particulate Technologies and Director of The Wolfson Centre. He has worked internationally on design and troubleshooting of bulk solids handling as a commercial consultant and research expert for over twenty years.

He will be accompanied by industry experts

Dipl Ing Claus Aumund-Kopp,  Group Leader for AM at the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute in Bremen, who has worked with metal powders for AM powder bed fusion and AM binder jetting approaches for over fifteen years.

and Dr Neil Harrison, Materials Development Manager at Carpenter Additive, who has over 5 years of academic and industrial experience in metal powder AM, including work on alloy design, powder behaviour and powder evolution.


The first couple of sessions will provide a basic introduction to the subject, leading to in depth studies on  quality considerations later in the course. Presentations and demonstrations (where appropriate) will be used to illustrate key points with time for discussion built in.

If travel is permitted by this date, the course will be held at Carpenter Additive offices in Widnes.

Please register via the on line booking form or by contacting Caroline at