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9 – 10 June 2020; Skype delivery

Fee £675 per person, discounts offered for multiple registrations from one company.

In depth exploration of detailed calculations for design of pneumatic pipelines and specifying plant

Subjects covered include:

  • Lean versus dense phase – relative advantages in practical application, and applicability to different materials;
  • A detailed look at obtaining conveying information for the material to be handled, and how to scale this up for pipeline design;
  • Different equations for predicting pipeline pressure drop and throughput;
  • Stepped bore pipelines – how they enhance system performance and reduce problems, and how to design them;
  • Differences in powder behaviour;
  • A detailed look at bends; radius, pressure drop, wear, particle damage and material build-up;
  • Air humidity effects – psychrometry and moisture calculations, and controlling interaction or airborne moisture with the powder;
  • Practical details – choice of coupling systems, pipe specification systems etc;

Course leader, Mike Bradley, is Professor of Bulk and Particulate Technologies and Director of The Wolfson Centre. He has worked internationally on design and troubleshooting of bulk solids handling as a commercial consultant and research expert for over twenty years.


Once delegates have registered, each person will be contacted to discuss their ideal method of presentation, whether the course should be split into several shorter slots over a week/couple of weeks, or if it should be presented in full over 2 days. We will do our best to suit your requirements whilst we continue social distancing and working from home.

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