Tuesday 9th Feb, 2pm

About the webinar
Navigating the Mexican chemical regulatory landscape can be challenging as the regulation of chemical substances is spread across several laws and regulatory agencies. This webinar will help you understand this complex landscape by providing an overview of the Mexican Chemical Regulations.

Participants interested in learning more about the Mexican chemical regulations will be able to join our newly released e-learning course, which offers a comprehensive overview of the Mexican regulatory landscape.

This webinar will cover:

  • Overview of Mexican government structure and agencies responsible for chemical substance regulation(s)
  • Important terminology
  • Chemical Substance National inventory
  • Key chemical substance regulations
  • Import of chemicals
  • Liability and enforcement

This webinar will benefit:

  • Those responsible for preparing and submitting global regulatory notifications
  • Manufacturers and formulators of biocidal products and articles treated with biocidal products
  • Anyone interested in understanding the Mexican chemical regulatory context

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