Date: Wed, Dec 9 2020, 2pm

Stakeholder engagement can help broaden the positive impacts of research and innovation projects. In the current global context, online engagement is essential to reach out to stakeholders. Online engagement has several benefits, such as convenience for participants, reaching to diverse audiences over wide geographies, reducing costs. However, it presents many challenges and unknowns, such as levels of participation, reliability of technology and degrees of inclusion. 

In this webinar, we will discuss different methods and tools that can be used for online stakeholder engagement, with examples from case studies of scientific dissemination projects that we have worked on. We will also provide insight about strategies and tips to conduct successful and impactful online engagement.

This webinar will cover:

  • Methods for online stakeholder engagement
  • Tools available for online stakeholder engagement
  • Case studies on scientific dissemination projects
  • Key strategies and tips for successful engagement

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested to maintain a meaningful dialogue with their stakeholders and improve their online presence including but not limited to:

  • Industries and policymakers who require novel tools to engage and consult with their stakeholders
  • Dissemination, stakeholder engagement and sustainability managers
  • Marketing and communication specialists
  • Researchers and scientists

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