Powders used in the chemical processing industry can often cause major disruptions to production whether through build-up in hoppers, de-blending, uneven weights when packing or dosing, dust build-up……the problems go on.

 uneven dosing at packing stage can be costly

Having encountered frequent similar problems through providing consultancy services, experts at the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology have put together some essential presentations to  help delegates identify potential issues before they become a major headache, and advise on how to help solve or avoid the problems that may otherwise occur.

Courses start in January and continue through February in short sessions from 14:00 – 17:00 hrs UK time each afternoon, allowing plenty of time to discuss operational issues with the presenters and other delegates.

20 – 21 January: Measurement of the Properties and Bulk Behaviour of Particulate Materials – an overview of methods for determining bulk behaviour of particulate materials.

Subjects covered include: Particle size and density measurement techniques / Flow property measurements / Moisture uptake / Propensity for de-blending, degradation or caking issues / Explosability / Pneumatic conveying properties / Dustiness testing

27 – 28 January: Undesired Deblending and Separation in Processes and Equipment – identification of common segregation mechanisms and how to minimise the effects

Subjects covered include: air-induced, rolling and surface effect segregation as well as percolation- how and why they occur and how to prevent or minimise the disruption caused.

17 – 18 February: Dust Control for Processes – dust prevention, capture and extraction methods

Subjects covered include: Characterisation of bulk particulates / materials handling / dust control / plant audit

24 – 25 February: Electrostatics in Powder Handling – the cause and effect of electrostatic charging in bulk solids handling

Subjects covered include: Electrostatic charges / Hazards encountered

If you work with powders these courses could be of benefit.

Course fees are £450 per delegate per course. Discounts are applied for group bookings and multiple registrations.

Register and pay on-line. Full course details and the course calendar for 2021 is available here

As we move into 2021, leave your problematic powders behind

and welcome in the new year with reliable well-behaved materials instead.