Are you a manufacturer or importer of Biocides? Are you unsure what your requirements are under BPR? Our upcoming online training can help you understand your requirements under BPR and provides you with all the necessary information to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Our online training on 7th and 8th December will introduce you to the core principles and main features of biocidal legislation in the EU. 

This training will cover the following topics: 

  • What is the BPR?

  • What is a Treated Article?

  • Does it affect me?

  • What are my obligations and how do I meet them?

  • Product Authorisation Basic: Who, what and when?

  • What IT tools can I use for Product Authorisation?

  • What is happening with Brexit and BPR regulations in the UK?

Sign up to the course now to start your BPR compliance journey.

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