Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM (BST and EST)

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool widely used for assessing the potential environmental impacts of a product or service. Join us on May 4th to learn about the life cycle inventory (LCI) stage, which is often the most time consuming and difficult step to master. Here we discuss everything from LCI requirements, to multifunctional systems and data quality elements, so that businesses can fully understand and implement all aspects of the data management process. This is important as LCA studies rely heavily on the quality of data entry and so poorly constructed LCA models can lead to inaccurate (or unhelpful) results and regrettable decisions.

What the session will cover

  • Life cycle inventory (LCI) basics
  • How to identify and handle multifunctional systems
  • Data management elements (e.g., requirements, sources, types)
  • Data quality considerations 

Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in sustainability and/or life cycle assessment (LCA), in particular those who may be thinking about conducting an LCA for their products/services and would like to learn more about the ‘data’ elements (i.e., LCI).

This webinar is aimed at those new to LCA but does assume that you are familiar with the ISO 14040 LCA framework. If you are not familiar with this framework, feel free to watch our other webinar titled: “Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment” before attending this session.

Sign up: https://www.yordasgroup.com/webinars/k6jkb584q901rbibty3u1graeu5hrs