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Screening and quality control of petroleum products and fuels can be a tedious and expensive process when using traditional methods.

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as described in ASTM Guidelines E1655, D8340, and D6122 is a much faster method providing results in just 30 seconds without requiring solvents or reagents.

In fact, NIRS has become the preferred method for numerous producers to quickly quantify key parameters in petrofuels and petrochemicals such as the water content, aromatic content, octane numbers (RON, MON), bromine number/index, diene value, cetane index, CFPP, flash point, or cloud point to name only a few. Moreover, NIRS also provides results for physical parameters such as API gravity, density, and viscosity by the same analysis.

This webinar will cover:

  • How near-infrared spectroscopy works and can be used to quantify multiple chemical and physical parameters within 30 seconds
  • How near-infrared spectroscopy complies with ASTM guidelines such as E1655, D8340, and D6122
  • How Metrohm customers in the petrochemical industry use near-infrared spectroscopy and the cost and time savings they have experienced

Register for this free webinar on 16 June