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Yordas Group is proud to announce a new partnership with Chemwatch, one of the world’s leading providers in chemicals management solutions.

As an endorsement of this partnership, Yordas is bringing you two accredited e-learning
courses in chemical management designed by Chemwatch. The courses provide individuals and organisations with the necessary training required to take full control of their chemicals management processes in Australia. These e-learning courses complement the catalogue of training available on Yordas Insight.

“We are thrilled to work with Chemwatch to bring new accredited e-learning courses to
our clients. With this partnership, we can share Chemwatch’s expertise in chemical
management in Australia. We look forward to adding their world leading classes to our
offering.” Elisabeth Luther, Principal Sustainability and Knowledge Transfer

These accredited courses in chemical management apply to a range of workplaces, such as manufacturing, engineering, chemical research, restoration/preservation and education (laboratories) and any other industry where employees work with hazardous chemicals.

For more insight into the partnership or to learn more about the accredited course, watch our free webinar ‘Chemwatch Australian Accredited Course in Chemicals Management.’
To learn more about Chemwatch, visit www.chemwatch.net.