Date: Tuesday March 23 2021

Time: 2pm (EST & GMT)

About the webinar:

Understanding your chemical regulations is imperative for any company creating or using any products involving chemicals, but can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Not only that, but what happens when these regulations change, which they inevitably do? And where do you go to see regulations on the Horizon? We’ll show you how to solve these questions with Yordas Hive Substances and GRMS2, for a complete set of chemical and regulatory management tools.

This webinar will cover:

In-depth understanding of the Substances App

Searching for substances and checking their regulatory information

Filtering, Saving Searches, Starring preferred Regulations, Custom Lists and Exporting data

Tracking updates & notifications

In-depth understanding of GRMS2

Mother & sub laws, Fact sheets and Access to global files

Impact Assessments, Horizon Scanning, alerts

Integration with Hive

This webinar will benefit:

Regulatory Compliance Experts

Product Strategists and Development Team

Quality Control and Product Safety team

Product Stewardship Specialist


EHS professionals

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