Brexit and Chemicals Regulation

22-23 February 2021

This joint training course organised by Chem-Academy and REACHwise explores the consequences of the completion of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU for both companies in the EU and in the UK who will continue to be trading in chemicals. The focus will be on REACH.

The REACH legislation will continue to apply in the EU, while the UK has its own version of REACH with effect from 01-Jan-2021.

The situation is slightly more complicated due to the Northern Ireland Protocol. Under the Northern Ireland Protocol the EU REACH Regulation continues to apply to Northern Ireland, while UK REACH provides the regulatory framework for chemicals in GB.

The UK government has been acutely aware that the new rules under UK-REACH needed to be phased in. Therefore various deadlines exist to allow companies to spread their work over a number of years.

The UK-GB rules also mean that the role of certain companies in the supply chain will have changed and therefore these companies will have new obligations with which they may not be familiar. The phasing in will help to ease the burden.

UK-GB companies trading with the EU find themselves in a new role and have to adapt. Similarly EU companies trading with the UK-GB have new roles.

The course will explain the legislation and rules, the various – new – roles companies may find themselves and what they need to be doing to prepare themselves for the forthcoming deadlines. The event will consist of taught elements and individual exercises. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this training will be held exclusively online.

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