Date: Tuesday June 15 2021

Time: 2pm (BST and EST)

Benzalkonium chloride (BKC or BAC) is a well-established active substance which has been used in biocidal formulations for several decades. In this webinar, the chemistry and biocidal activity of BKC are briefly discussed in addition to the current regulatory status under the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). BKC is about to be approved for use for product types 3 and 4 in the EU. Companies selling such products in Europe need to take appropriate action to ensure continuation on the market in the EU. Finally, this overview of BKC outlines the effects of the UK’s exit from the European Union, for companies selling biocidal products in the UK.

The session will cover

  • An overview of the chemistry and biocidal activity of BKC.
  • The current regulatory status of BKC under the BPR.
  • Next steps for companies in Europe.
  • The effects of Brexit on companies in the UK.

This webinar will benefit

  • Anyone who works for a company that imports/manufactures/formulate a biocidal product or biocidal products containing BKC as an active substance
  • Anyone with an interest in marketing such products in the EU or UK

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