If you are selling your products internationally, regulatory compliance should not be a “Terra incognita”. Take part in the 9th Symposium on 22 June 2021 in Cologne Germany!

Our conference will provide a comprehensive overview on new and amended chemical legislations and regulatory procedures in numerous important markets in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region.

Topics include

  • Chemical safety management in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
  • KKDIK – Turkish REACh
  • Registration and evaluation of chemicals in Korea
  • Management of new and existing chemicals in China
  • Management of new and existing chemicals in Taiwan
  • Existing and new substances under the LSCA – New TSCA
  • Existing and new substance notification in Canada
  • Chemical regulations in several ASEAN countries
  • Overview about chemical regulations in the Middle East
  • The reform of NICNAS in Australia

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22 June 2021


Lindner Hotel City Plaza, Cologne, Germany

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