New film presses home the solvents safety message

New film presses home the solvents safety message

All companies involved in the solvents industry know the importance of being vigilant when it comes to handling potentially dangerous materials.

Even in an industry as safety conscious as ours a gentle reminder from time to time never does any harm, which is why the UK-based Solvents Industry Association (SIA) has collaborated with the European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) to produce the latest in their series of solvent-related safety films.

Entitled ‘Safe Loading and Transportation of Bulk Solvents by Road’, the short film is designed to support hauliers, drivers and site operators who routinely handle solvents on the move.

This fifth safety film that the organisations have produced encourages best practice in the safe transportation and bulk transfer of solvents between vehicles and storage vessels.

SIA General Secretary Andrew Norman said: “The film guides and advises anyone handling solvents of the need to observe health and safety procedures at all times. It can also be used as an educational tool for anyone away from the day to day handling of solvents, showing them what actually happens when products such as this are being moved and handled. All of the films and Guidance Notes that we have produced in recent years communicate essential safety information to people dealing with solvents.

“The idea is to offer best practice on issues such as flammability, avoiding sources of ignition, the build-up of static electricity and some of the other risks that must be taken into account when loading, off-loading and transporting solvents.

“The film was shot over a three-day period at SIA member sites in the Netherlands and in the UK, and covers all aspects of the disciplines required to ensure the safe loading of solvents and flammable liquids.”

The film complements the commitment of SIA members to the principles of Responsible Care and each member is able to establish close ties with colleagues in the European Solvents Industry Group through membership of the Association.

Through a range of activities carried out by the SIA’s Technical Committee, each SIA member is provided with the advice and guidance to comply with the latest legislation and best practice. Members are encouraged to share this knowledge with all parties coming into contact with their solvent products.

Strong communication is one of the cornerstones of the Association and the production of high quality films is part of this approach.

Topics covered in the latest offering include:

• The hazards associated with solvents and solvent-based materials

• Pre-delivery inspection

• Arrival on site and induction

• Adherence to site rules and understanding emergency procedures

• Using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Safe connection to loading gantries and storage vessels

• Communication between site operators and drivers

• Safeguards against static discharge and spills

• ADR requirements for vehicles and drivers

Available in five languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, the latest film accompanies previous productions from the SIA and ESIG, which include ‘Safe Use of Solvents’, ‘Solvents and IBCs’, ‘Solvents and Static Electricity’ and ‘Solvents and the Safe Use of Gloves’.

All of the above productions are available to view or download via the SIA website at

The SIA has also taken into account advances in communications and USB copies are available.

Andrew said: “Our previous safety films were distributed on DVD but as technology moves on we now offer all of the films in one place via a USB storage device.” If required, DVD copies of the first four films are still available by request from the SIA.

To order a free USB copy please contact Andrew at 44 (0)7758 118675 or at:

The film was launched at the 31st SIA Annual General Meeting of the SIA held at Mottram Hall Hotel, Cheshire, on Thursday 12th October. Speakers at the event included Mark Brunt, SIA Chairman, Cornelia Tietz, Director General, ESIG, Marco Mensink, Director General, Cefic, John Roche, Operations Manager, Chemicals Northwest and David Hughes, CEO, International EChem. Talks and presentations included Brexit and free trade.

Established in 1973, the SIA has sought from its beginnings to support the UK solvents industry and consumers by promoting the safe and responsible use of solvent materials. It currently has 26 members, covering all areas of the solvents industry, including manufacturers, distributors, hauliers, chemical storage companies, packaging manufacturers, electrostatic control manufacturers, solvent recycling and distillers.

The SIA’s mission is to work to ensure that the UK’s regulatory framework relevant to the manufacture, storage, distribution and use of solvents is based on sound science and best practice.

Close co-operation is maintained with UK legislative bodies such as HSE, Environment Agency, HMRC and others, resulting in the production of high quality, relevant guidance which is available to all those using solvents and solvent-based materials.